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This paper under the title "A Ghetto Takes Shape" focuses on the historical account of Black Cleveland from the 19th century to the early 20th century. It covers the great migration and the importance is on the city which was long neglected by historians.  …
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A Ghetto Takes Shape
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will present a critical review of the book in regard to the strengths, weaknesses, evaluation of data, the author’s representation of the topic, and conclusions made. The paper will analyze the summary and review of the book overall on the basis of which recommendations can be made.
The leader of Cleveland said in 1865 that “an indication of the civilized spirit of the city of Cleveland is found in the fact that coloured children attend our school, coloured people are permitted to attend all public lectures and public affairs where the fashion and culture of the city congregate, and nobody is offended”. By 1915, the city had a huge number of black populations housed in cheap lodgings and deteriorating homes which were conditions inferior to other areas of the city (Kusmer 56).
Kusmer has overall discussed the position of the African Americans in the social order present in the community. The position of blacks is compared with the position of native whites and immigrants in urban areas whereas the development of the urban ghetto is placed in the book as urban history context. Kusmer has also compared the urban setting of Cleveland with that of other major cities including Chicago, Boston, and New York. He has highlighted the differences that were present within the black communities. Through these evaluations and analyses, Kusmer proves that the emergence of the black ghettos, their causes and their effects are serious historical problems and were never given as much recognition as these issues should have gotten.
The emergence of the ghetto in Cleveland overall took more than 50 years and it resulted in the isolation of the black citizens from their general lives in urban communities. However, Kusmer has concluded that this isolation was the factor that ignited the sense of needs and goals that had to be addressed to help the black community to regain its unity as citizens. This isolation also provided the blacks with a practical basis for their future struggle against discrimination in all expressions.      ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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