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Womens Movement in Europe - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses women’s movement in Europe. Gender has traditionally seen women as assuming a weaker and insignificant role in society. The diverse roles of men and women have evolved from traditional stereotyped beliefs…
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Womens Movement in Europe
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Download file to see previous pages The female is regarded as naturally non-aggressive and passive, the male as naturally aggressive and active. The contrasting female temperaments of men and women have been associated with the dominance of one and the submission of the other. Thus, the more dominating a man, the more masculine he is considered; the more passive and pliant a woman, the more feminine.
The growth of economic and political freedom has eventually seen the emancipation of the female gender by exercising her rights and by acknowledging that women are basically equal in opportunities and responsibilities with their male counterparts. The essay hereby aims to proffer women’s movement in Europe which was believed to instigate parallel activities in the United States. The discourse would initially identify the roots of women’s movements in Europe before delving into relevant tactics to eventually achieve the goals they fought for.
The underlying concept of gender falls under the theory of social constructionism as various social interactions and interrelationships contribute to the distinguished roles between men and women (Flamand, 2010). Society, in part, dictates the contrasting differences in gender
and typecasts each gender to assume the role each has to manifest in society. Flamand (2010, par. 1) clearly explained the theory of social constructionism as “built upon the observation that many of aspects of our everyday experience are the consequence of implicit social agreement, institutional practices or collective social action rather than objective reality, and only exist within the context of such agreements, practices or collective actions. Thus, many of the things we take for granted are not actually objective facts about the world, independent of human subjectivity, but are instead the products of human inter-subjectivity.”
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