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Ireland during World War I And the Role Britain Played - Research Paper Example

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This essay talks that in the years leading up to World War I, nationalists had been advocating for home rule over a number of years. The Irish parliament was dissolved in the year 1800 and over the next century Ireland faced many social and economic problems…
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Ireland during World War I And the Role Britain Played
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"Ireland during World War I And the Role Britain Played"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that after looking at the legislative measures passed during World War I and the events of Irish Revolution, it is evident that World War I was giving Britain too many problems. These developments ultimately gave the Irish people an opportunity to force Britain so that free Republic state of Ireland could be formed.
This paper makes a conclusion that Britain followed a policy of sharp oppression in order to crush the rising. It was mainly fuelled by the belief that the rebels were acting with German connivance and help. However the execution of the revolutionaries by the government resulted in widespread public revulsion. This exacerbated the growing alienation of the Irish from the British administration. This in turn led to Irish popular support for the republican separatist movement Sinn Fein. Strong suppression of the Easter Rising by the British fueled popular support in Ireland for the Republican separatist movement Sinn Féin . It was due to this fact and the conscription crisis of 1918 that Sinn Féin was able to defeat the Redmondite nationalists in the general elections of December 1918 and won most of the seats. In short it can be said that the strong suppression of the rebellion alienated the British from the Irish. The political background of the Irish Revolution was set in the strong suppression of the rebellion by the United Kingdom. Strong suppression of the rebellion by the British Empire led to the fact that people of Ireland began to have sympathy for the revolutionaries and their agenda which led to the electoral victory of Sinn Féin. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ireland During World War I And the Role Britain Played Research Paper.
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