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The paper "Observations on the increase of Mankind" focuses on the letter observations on the increase of Mankind in which Franklin explains why using the blacks or the negros as a source of labor was not economical. He uses the example to explain that black color is not associated with any good…
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Observations on the increase of Mankind
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observations on the increase of Mankind; skin color related to cultural characteristics In the letter observations on the increase of Mankind, Frank observes and explains why using the blacks or the negros as a source of labor was not economical (5.4). He first explains that the slave masters had to bear other costs of maintaining the slaves and eventually concludes that slave is a thief by nature. In all the history books, the word slave has been used time and again to describe the Negros or the blacks thus Franklin is trying to insinuate that being black is directly linked to stealing as s cultural characteristic. In this regard, the author uses the example to explain that black color is not associated with any good. Besides, the phrase ‘the slaves have blackened America denotes that the black Africans are considered to be a bad influence on the American culture, and this confirms that Franklin is tying skin color to cultural characteristics (5.4, p. 48). Though Franklins statement paints the slaves negatively, he has a conservative approach towards slavery by believing that it is not right and economical to keep slaves and deny them their rights. His views are opposite to those of Canassatego or Onondaga that was against the purchase of land by the Indian slaves or the Walking Purchase (5.3, p. 55).
2: How the authors use religion to understand the conflict around them
Pedro Tamaron Y Romeral uses religion to explain the conflict confronting the slaves especially the Indians who only want to confess to Christianity at the point of death (5.2, p.53). The author explores that the Indians are confronted by serious life problems that can be delivered through the Christian faith. However, due to the language barrier and religious conflicts, the Indians remain in this devastating condition because even the existing missionaries confess that they cannot help the Indians due to language barrier. In 5.1, Franscisco Menendez writes to the royal governor confessing that the freed blacks will serve the majesty and as such, shows that the blacks are being allowed to live freely in the country because they have confessed to Christianity (p.52). In this case, religion explains the conflict of the freed black slaves because if it were not for their conversion to the religion, then the Spanish governor would not have granted them asylum.

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