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History - Assignment Example

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The first Social Security Act of 1935 was established to provide general welfare by providing several provisions to the aged as well as instituting a system of federal old-age benefit. This Act also provides for blind persons, dependent persons, public health, maternal and child…
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History Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, the current act encompasses various social insurance programs as well as social welfare. These social securities are funded through payroll taxes called FICA (Federal Insurance Contribution Act tax) or SECA (self-employed Contribution Act tax)
The 1935 was very instrumental in ensuring that the public is given the best health care within a minimum budget line. Additionally, the act was meant to assist states furnish their financial assistance. The project was also funded by the taxpayers (Folly and Palmer 2010).
The early, 1920s was characterized by shooting, lynching and whipping. The majority of the victims were Jews, blacks Catholic or immigrants. The populist movement roaring 20s was a period when widespread economic and social change occurred.
During this period, discrimination was based on popularity. Everything, including political movements, social welfare was based on race. White southern leaders were mobilizing black voters in ways that saw narrow cooperation through the element of color (Folly and Palmer 2010).
Jim Crow laws were a name given to a ruling after states that were in the South that passed the Anti-African American Legislation. These laws were including laws that were discriminating African American to attend public schools and more importantly the usage of public facilities such as hotels, public bath, cinemas, restaurants among others. This was the same period when African Americans were segregated from the usage of trains and buses.
During the Cold War, the terms various terms were used to refer politician. Hawks and Doves were used to refer to politicians so that they can categorize their views on the war from foreign policies. These labels were meant to make them accessible and understandable to the public. Nevertheless, sometimes these labels were inaccurate and therefore they could be quite ambiguous if their integrity is not verified (Folly and Palmer 2010).
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History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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