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Focus was laid on registering voters during Freedom Summer because the campaign was run by young students and they were free during summer to engage in CRM.
Mississippi was chosen as the focus…
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Download file to see previous pages r the Jim Crow laws in the southern US, African Americans had to put up with legalized discrimination on many levels from employment to housing to public benefits.
Many horrors confronted African Americans in Mississippi when trying to register. Local white residents deeply resented both blacks and any outsider supporting their right to vote. So, Freedom Summer elicited shootings and harassment.
Medgar Evers was a civil rights activist in Mississippi. He was assassinated due to efforts made by him to overthrow segregation. His contributions to CRM were of such high quality that he became number one target of white elitists.
Although white students helped to bring media attention to the Civil Rights Movement, there were some complications. Discuss the pros and cons of white students going to the South to be a part of Freedom Summer.
Thousands of students were sent to the south from all around the country. Their association with vote registration activities and freedom schools helped to open up Mississippi. Bad things happened and many students got killed.
KKK targeted Michael Schwerner for assassination because of very important civil rights work done by him which was of monumental importance. This work promoted voting registration among black community which annoyed KKK.
President Johnson positively responded to events of Freedom Summer and even facilitated passage of the Civil Rights Act, but his involvement in emancipation of black voters declined later because he did not want to lose Southern support.
The violence spurred by CRM was not surprising as all who participated in it knew they had to be prepared for the worst including death. KKK and others reacted so violently because they did not want situation in the southern US to change ever. They wanted to preserve white supremacy.
Freedom Summer is a very important historical campaign because it paved the way to equal rights and opportunities for black people in America. It spurred violence, but those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bws Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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