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JFK Assassination and Conspiracies - Research Paper Example

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Kennedy was the 35th President of America, and the action of his assassination was taken place when he was travelling through Dallas, Texas. Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline was also with him, along with the company of Texas Governor John Connally & his wife, Nellie. The time…
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JFK Assassination and Conspiracies
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"JFK Assassination and Conspiracies"

Download file to see previous pages This alleged attack caused serious wounding to Kennedy along with the injury of Connally himself. After approaching to the hospital, the death of Kennedy was announced thirty minutes later, by the hospital, named as Dallas Parkland. Kennedy was 46 at the time of his assassination. Vice president Lyndon Johnson was elected as the 36th president of United States on the same day. November, 25 was announced to be the day of Kennedy’s national mourning, in which hundreds of Americans lined up in the streets of Washington in the respect of Kennedy.
JFK’s assassination has been backed by numerous theories up till now. The investigation of ten-months done by Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the murder of Kennedy. Lee Harvey has been investigated to act alone in the killing of Kennedy. The conclusion given by the Warren Commission was highly supported by the American public, with the percentage of 80, between 1966 and 2003. In 1998 the CBS polling resulted that, 76 percent of Americans believed JFK assassination, as a fact of conspiracy. Lee Harvey used to work in Marines, in 1936 and discharged from there in 1962 (Kurtz 56). He was originally from New Orleans. His return to the United States was in 1962, along with his wife and an infant child. It has been also investigated that, in early 1963 Oswald bought a .38 revolver along with a telescopic sight. He bought both of the equipment by mail order. In October 1963, Lee joined Texas School Book Depository building as an employee. The record of Lee had always been involved into some illegal activities, as a criminal. It is concluded to be Oswald, firing the bullets on Kennedy. He got arrested within half an hour after playing shots on the president Ruby, who was also connected to the criminal world. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot to death, by Jack Ruby. On the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...JFK’s Assassination The assassination of the 35th American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK)is heralded as the mother of all conspiracy theories. JFK was brutally cut down by people with ulterior motives probably Communists, radical right-wingers, traitorous CIA operatives, mutinous members of military, or mobsters. The assassination as cited by different researchers is a moment when United States lost its innocence as the event opened a veritable Pandora box of malevolence. The though assailant Harvey Lee Oswald was himself dead two months after JFK from an assassin bullets. The...
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