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Discuss the Hong Kyongnae Uprising of 1812. What were the main causes and how did leaders rally support for their cause - Coursework Example

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The yangban rallied the northwestern province occupants in an attempt to dispose the throne. Despite the fact that the ruling government managed to thwart yangban’s…
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Discuss the Hong Kyongnae Uprising of 1812. What were the main causes and how did leaders rally support for their cause
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"Discuss the Hong Kyongnae Uprising of 1812. What were the main causes and how did leaders rally support for their cause"

Download file to see previous pages The major causes of this revolt, which rocked Pyŏngan, the Northern Province, included regional bigotry and poor harvests (Buswell, 2006). The province of Pyŏngan was neglected by the central government, causing a dire regional inequality with other areas. The disgruntlement with socioeconomic inflexibility combined with debauched irregularity and corrupt leadership instigated people to gang up the inept dominion. The provincial tax frauds triggered the Chinju insurrection, which was masterminded by learned individuals who resorted to defend the interest of the public against corrupt officials. The people who supported the rebellion were those who were fed up with the corruption in the government (Fuqua, 2011). They had a common goal of deposing leadership that was an epitome of moral decadence, with public officials engaging in various corrupt deals and committing various atrocities without shame. As such, they managed to sway a large number of people to fight for a common interest of establishing a responsible government. Following this serious revolt, many people from the countryside flocked Chinju nabbing the armed forces commander and assassinating the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the Hong Kyongnae Uprising of 1812. What were the main causes Coursework. Retrieved from
(Discuss the Hong Kyongnae Uprising of 1812. What Were the Main Causes Coursework)
Discuss the Hong Kyongnae Uprising of 1812. What Were the Main Causes Coursework.
“Discuss the Hong Kyongnae Uprising of 1812. What Were the Main Causes Coursework”, n.d.
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