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Effects of the Vietnam and Gulf War on America - Assignment Example

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The paper “Effects of the Vietnam and Gulf War on America” focuses on the Vietnam and Gulf wars, which had a great impact on America. The question as to whether or not, the United States was asked to participate in the war is still open to debate, as their involvement is highly controversial…
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Effects of the Vietnam and Gulf War on America
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Extract of sample "Effects of the Vietnam and Gulf War on America"

Download file to see previous pages MThe Vietnam War resulted in a financial setback that was felt throughout the United States. The country lost an estimated $167 billion spent on the war (McNamara 186). The government spent a vast amount of money to purchase and produce supplies and weapons for the army involved in the war. A failure by President Lyndon’s government to increase taxation while financing a major war and a great society simultaneously led to a notable increase in double-digit inflation that resulted in federal debt (Bucknell 87). The mounting debt served to ravage the American economy and contribute to a decrease in living standards witnessed from the late 1960s into the 90s. Further, the war veterans had to be compensated, and they are still compensated up to date. This has increased the US government’s budget expenditure. They spent a great amount of money on the war, ironically they came out of it defeated and still had to spend money fixing the damage they had caused.
The public highly criticized the fact that the government was going to send troops to fight the Gulf War. Although the United States emerged triumphant in the war, they did not necessarily emerge victoriously. This is because after the Gulf war the United States has been perceived as an enemy among some Muslim nations (Rosenau 46). This has made the US become a regular target of terrorist attacks. The United States did not incur great economic losses, as its allies assisted in funding the war. The public had been against troops being sent into war, especially with the Vietnam War still fresh in their minds. Young people were the ones who were greatly against the idea, as they were the ones being recruited but this time; it was on their own will basis.
The aftermath of both wars was the Vietnam syndrome and Gulf syndrome. A soldier goes into the Gulf war to fight just so his country; America can buy oil at lower prices. Saddam launches a chemical attack on the soldiers and this leaves them with incurable diseases that were later referred to as the Gulf syndrome (Rosenau 60). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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