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War, Politics, and Culture in Modern Mass Society - Assignment Example

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The paper “War, Politics, and Culture in Modern Mass Society” discusses the primary sources on politics, which are the political quotes, statements, which amounted or contributed to the start of the World War 1. Very influential people, who included generals of armies and presidents, played the politics…
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War, Politics, and Culture in Modern Mass Society
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"War, Politics, and Culture in Modern Mass Society"

Download file to see previous pages Culture in modern mass society is the distinct ways which people who live in the post-medieval Europe or at a global level differently classify and represent their acts and experiences creatively. Therefore, primary sources about Europe from 1871-1939 on war, politics, and culture are the original materials, artifacts, or documents. In this case, the primary sources that lead or related to the first-word war and how this has influenced the culture of the mass society to date (Teich and Porter, pp, 307-315).
Europe from 1871-1939 experienced numerous revolutionary events, conflicts, and wars and at the peak of it was the First World War between 1914 and 1918. They are several primary sources that relate or lead to this particular war and they are into four categories. The four sources include printed sources, micro format; Personal reminiscences that are letters and diaries and eyewitness statements (Luebke, pp, 92-97).
Printed sources are printed documents, newspapers articles, magazines, and journals. In the year 1914, the war was declared on Serbia by the government of Austro- Hungarian. In their statements, they stated that the whole Europe should prepare for war. The Ogden Standard in the same year also reported that Austria had chosen war. The Washington times seconded the report in the same year. It did not take long after the reports when war between these countries started. Microformat sources were also used to report the war in Europe. Microformat sources are types of open source data format that is upon existing and widely adopted frameworks. These micro format records consist of documents from the archives of the German Foreign Ministry that concerned with German involvement in Irish affairs during World War Impersonal reminiscences, on the other hand, give first-hand information on the happenings of the event.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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