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The treaty negatively affected Germany resulting to their resentment of the Western World. It weakened the German government, took away some…
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You will choose a topic for my paper
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Major Cause of the World War II; the Treaty of Versailles The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28th June 1919 and was aimed at creating peace; the treaty however resulted in the World War II. The treaty negatively affected Germany resulting to their resentment of the Western World. It weakened the German government, took away some portion of Germany territory and distributed it to other countries. It weakened the Germany transport means and also put restrictions on the Germany military. Germany was solely blamed for the World War I and was required to pay for the costs incurred in the war.
The German people reacted negatively to the treaty since it would oppress them; they were against their government that had accepted the treaty that to them was treason. They, therefore, began to seek for leaders who shared their feelings. This led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. He was able to gain support from the people through his charismatic personality and his party’s propaganda of denouncing the treaty and the Weimar Republic. He also promised to make the Germany Economy powerful and on 30th January 1933 he became the Germany Chancellor.
After getting to power Hitler got rid of the Weimer republic and in 1935 began to empower the Germany military. He expanded the army above the treaty’s recommendation.
He worked hard to unite the Germany population, strengthen their economy and also reacquire alienated territories. He, for example, he invaded Poland on 1st September 1939 in order to get the Poland Corridor. The World War began two days after this invasion.
It is, therefore, evident that the harsh conditions placed on Germany after World War I resulted in the World War II.
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Grimshaw, Ashley. The Treaty of Versailles: The Major Cause of World War II. 2008. History 104 Read More
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You Will Choose a Topic for My Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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