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The circumstances within the life of Sofia Petrovna brought to life the Russian mindset reality during the Stalin purges. According to the…
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Sofia Petrovna, by Lydia Chukovskaya
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Extract of sample "Sofia Petrovna, by Lydia Chukovskaya"

Sofia Petrovna Critical Reading The key question that the addresses is the necessity and importance of women to carry out socially useful work (Chukovskaya, 87). The circumstances within the life of Sofia Petrovna brought to life the Russian mindset reality during the Stalin purges. According to the author, the character of Sofia is demonstrated to be than of an intelligent and diligent woman who loved her work as typewriter working at the publishing house.
The most important information in the book is a fictional account of Lydia Chukovskayas depiction on the useful life of Sofia. Sofia Petrovna was a wealthy doctor who genuinely tried to adjust to the Soviet manner of life. Additionally, the author portrays the communist lifestyle; despite having roots as an upper class background, she accepted the communist party.
The main conclusion in the article is that there are awful realities that exist in Great Purge of Stalin. There are two perspectives that one can take in portraying the people’s struggle that formed part of the purge. One evident aspect is that people were exiled and mothers and wives watched the husbands and their sons get to exile.
4. The main assumption underlying the thinking of an author is that the delineating and the distinctive era of foreign policy of Stalin is a difficult and complicated concern. The author assumed that the foreign relations between the foreign powers and Soviet Union showed that the decisions of Stalin were based on the strong pragmatic philosophy and the basic principles.
The main point of view presented in the text is that Sofia Petrovna had dreadful experience as one of the widowed mother in 1930s during the Russian Stalinist Terror. There were four basic outcomes of the Russian Stalinist Terror. First, it was the manner in which the people were organized, secondly, how the Stalin was kept in power and later stopped the revolution that made the citizens to work extra hard and increase the economic output. Additionally, it discusses how the families were separated and caused death of people because of false charges (Chukovskaya 34).
I would argue on the unequivocal support for Kolya and Sofia and the faith and believe on the Soviet system, where Sofia had a pronounced support at the end of the story. The unrest of Kolya turned her life around; she refused to support the Soviet Apparatus, rather she drew herself closer. Faith of Sofia and Kolya in the leadership and Soviet system was at the peak during the arrest of Kolya, because this is the time people would expect her to have low confidence on it.
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Chukovskaya, Lydia. Sofia Petrovna. Illinois: North Western Press, 1967. Read More
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