The Skirmish at Lexington, Massachusetts - Assignment Example

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The British officer said that they went to the place for destruction of ammunitions, artillery, tents and other materials and that, they meant no harm to the inhabitants. The British…
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The Skirmish at Lexington, Massachusetts
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Topic: THE SKIRMISH AT LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS There exist some minor differences in the accounts as to what happened on April 19, 1775. The British officer said that they went to the place for destruction of ammunitions, artillery, tents and other materials and that, they meant no harm to the inhabitants. The British officer further informs their commander that their attack was in response to them being attacked. However, an eyewitness who narrated to the court the happenings of the day contradicted with the British officer. The witness reported that as the British soldiers approached, they did not seem peaceful because they called them rebels and fired gunpowder on them though none of them got injured or killed(Smith, paras.3-4).
There is a similarity of occasions that took place in both the British officer and a witness, but there are some contradictions as to what party started the attacks. The availability of the difference in telling the truth may be due to various reasons. First, the officer might be protecting the image of the forces as well as trying to portray a good image of the country to the world. Finally, the witness might not be sure of the happenings as he went ahead to ask those who were in their company of the happenings (Wood, para.8).
The British officer in my view gave the accurate happening of the events. The officer seems to have closely followed the events and as a confirmation, the witness said that the local militia was being recruited for the day. In addition, a member in the company of the witness fired to the British soldiers as they dispersed which confirms that the British officer was accurately telling the events (Jefferson and Dickinson, paras.6-10).
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