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On top of my head of a music that represents this post-modernist rebellious mentality is Eminem’s “Cleaning out my closet” whose…
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Teacher Introduce some lyrics to a song that you feel express a Post Modernist mentality. One of the most salient features of Post-Modernist mentality especially to young adults like me is our tendency to rebel using explicit words. On top of my head of a music that represents this post-modernist rebellious mentality is Eminem’s “Cleaning out my closet” whose lyrics read below;
“Have you ever been hated or discriminated against?
I have, Ive been protested and demonstrated against
Picket signs for my wicked rhymes, look at the times
Sick as the mind of the motherfuckin kid thats behind” (Eminem, 2000)
Briefly explain how the lyrics relate to key Post Modernist themes introduced in the module.
These lyrics use unconventional words in music and even used invectives to convey their message. This relates to post modernist themes of using unconventional media (digital art, computers, films, installations etch) in addition to traditional medium (i.e. oil, charcoal, graphite and pastel) in conveying their artwork. In the same manner that the lyrics of the music pushes the boundary of the language, post modernist themes also pushes and expands the boundary of art.
Connect the lyrics to the work (or a specific work) of a Post Modern visual artist - be it an artist from the module or a more contemporary one.
The best post modernist work I can think of that best relate to this is post modernist theme of adding other medium as well as modern themes to traditional media is Joseph Nechvatal. His artworks have a theme of modernity as well as the use of computer animations and digital medium in conveying his artwork. Artworks as Birth Of the viractual, 2001 and Orgiastic abattOir : flawless ignudiO 2004 were painted with a help of a robot albeit its medium is acrylic.
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"Cleaning Out My Closet Lyrics." Eminem -. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Aug. 2014. . Read More
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