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14 - Coursework Example

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It is for this reason that aspects such as multiculturalism have been appreciated within the community. It is far-reaching…
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Culture and Identity One of the provisions of the United Nations charter on human rights is that each should be free of both gender and culture based discrimination. It is for this reason that aspects such as multiculturalism have been appreciated within the community. It is far-reaching nevertheless to acknowledge the role that has been played by artists in ensuring that different cultures are respected across various parts of the world. One such multicultural artist is Patricia Piccinini, who was born in Sierra Leone, but spent the better part of his life in both Italy and Australia, an event that made him acquire the cultural practices of those living in the three nations, and finally Australian citizenship. Piccinini has on several occasions shed light on the human-animal hybrid form of identity through his animal like sculptors that resemble human traits.
There are two mechanisms of describing identities of people, places and things. These include both imaging and text descriptions. In as much as both mechanisms share the practice that close attention is to be paid to the full details of the person or place, they differ in the sense that text description requires that all the five senses be put into use (Bridwell 192). On the other hand, imaging requires the use of the sense of sight, a factor that makes it easier for a person, place or thing be easily recognized. Amidst these differences however, it is of great significance to recognize the fact that text descriptions are appealing because they provide vivid descriptions of people or places. This helps not only in painting the pictures of the people being described, but their feelings as well.
Bridwell-Bowles, Lillian, Kathleen S. DeVore, and Holly Littlefield. Identity Matters: Rhetorics of Difference. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall, 1998. Print. Read More
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