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Collectors characters can be defined by the type of portraits their galleries. For instance, historical paintings collectors are identified by their…
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The art of collection and painting Introduction Art collectors are inspired by their passion and character which helps them to decide the type of portraits in their galleries. Collectors characters can be defined by the type of portraits their galleries. For instance, historical paintings collectors are identified by their love for the world’s major chronological events.
1.1 portrait collection
Collector’s understanding and characteristics
The collection depicts a series of historical paintings described by the subject matter in the portraits rather than their styles. The painter is mesmerized by ancient art and chronological events. The portraits portray the collectors love for nature, ancient Greek and Roman culture.
Historical paintings are mostly affiliated with antique culture, religion, political practices and modes of leadership in the ancient society. In this case, the collector is a political person as he or she has a collection of famous ancient political leaders. The portraits also include a painting that shows slavery and a collection of ancient currency together with sea ornaments. This aspect presents the collectors love for trade. Therefore, the collector is also an economist who has a passion for culture and the ancient mode of trade. The collector is religious as he or she has a collection of ancient religious art that shows the birth of Christ and how he was presented to the Jewish society.
1.2 portrait collection
Development of new art
Ancient portraits are considered to be prestigious and expensive to acquire. Due to this notion, ancient portraits have impacted to the development in value of the new art. Many painters are motivated by the value of their work as modern art is not only a form of expression but also a source of income. The advancement in technology has led to the introduction of new technique, material and modes of painting (Tonge 72). The use of modern painting machines such as Perspex and timers on canvas have made painting easier and practical thus the technique can be learned unlike in the ancient art where painting was confined to the talented people. In this case, the new art is more clear and comprehensible compared to ancient art (Tonge 77). Modern art is advanced as it reflects on the artist’s perspectives and expressions unlike the ancient art which was conformed and impressionable to specific societies.
Art has advanced with time and technology. The collection depicts the difference between modern and ancient art thus the development of new art.
Work Cited
Tonge Gary. Digital Painting Tricks & Techniques: 100 Ways to Improve Your CG Art: California. IMPACT. 2011. Print Read More
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