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Write two short paragraphs for each topic__total up to 3 topics - Assignment Example

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It was an international organization formed to find a lasting solution and an end to the war. Switzerland was the only country in the world that did not participate in the War and all countries saw it best to establish the…
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Write two short paragraphs for each topic__total up to 3 topics
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"Write two short paragraphs for each topic__total up to 3 topics"

Download file to see previous pages The French citizens redesigned the political landscape of their country in a bid to outdo obsolete institutions set up during the feudal and absolute monarchy system. Enlightenment ideals influenced the revolution. The French craved for the adoption of concepts of popular sovereignty and rights that were inalienable in the country. Reforms created a constitutional monarchy. Feudal codes and old regime taxes ended. The revolution shaped modern nations by depicting to the world the immense power in people’s wills.
It occurred between the years 1956 and 1975. Nationalist forces struggled with the U.S. in an attempt to unify Vietnam under a government based on communist ideals. South Vietnamese aided the U.S. in preventing the spread of the communist state. The American citizens had stopped supporting the U.S. leaders. The United States forces withdrew from Vietnam in 1973 and the whole of Vietnam attained union under communism in 1975. The war had extensive consequences on the U.S. including recession in the country’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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