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Two - Assignment Example

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The colonialists were stripping the territorial land from the natives and this caused tension between the colonialists and the natives. The colonialists were so…
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Assignment two
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Extract of sample "Two"

American History number American History There were political, economic, social and religious conflicts throughoutthe 17th century in colonial America. The colonialists were stripping the territorial land from the natives and this caused tension between the colonialists and the natives. The colonialists were so forcing the natives to adapt to their lifestyle and religion. This caused rebellions as the natives were not comfortable with this. The natives were also being exploited economically as the colonists were looking for resources for their companies.
Historians believe that native people resorted to witchcraft to force colonialists out of their land. The Salem village from which the witchcraft was mostly practiced happened to be causing a lot of problems to the colonists. The village was in constant rebellion with the colonists (Yarema 53).
There were various political, economic and religious reasons why European groups migrated to America. Some wanted to expand their territories. Some migrated to America seeking for religious freedom while others migrated into America in search of raw materials and markets for their companies (McCullough 112). Many visitors took advantage of the fact that many natives were not united and this made their colonization process easier.
Indentured servants were people who agreed to work with no pay for other people. This agreement would be entered to incase the person owed a debt to another person. The person in debt would agree to work for the other individual for a period of time in order to settle the debt. However, indentured servants had basic civil rights and were considered to be free by the law. Slaves on the hand had no basic rights and were considered to be personal property of their owners (Tomek 91).
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