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In the paper “Leadership of Nelson Mandela,” the author discusses one of the people to achieve almost universal respect around the world and across the political spectrums. Racial discrimination is one major global social issue where agitation was raised led by Nelson Mandela…
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Leadership of Nelson Mandela
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Download file to see previous pages The African National Congress is one of major party in the Government of South Africa. ANC was founded in the year 1912 with an aim to create the South African Union which started institutionalizing on racial discrimination against the blacks. As the leader of South Africa, Nelson Mandela faces many challenges for leading his countrymen into the twenty-first century. People have been divided and affected by years of racism, who introduced many races and cultures. He was served peace, unity, and changes for the people of South Africa and the world (Li 55-60).
Leader’s attributes and importance
Leadership is the behavior of the person and it is not positional. Nelson Mandela served South Africa for 5 years. He is one of the most talented leaders of South Africa who know how to lead without formal authority. Mandela influence to grow global humanitarian and philanthropist. His influence was accepted by everyone. The capacity for integrating and motivating others does not only bring common aspirations of leadership. This truth helps people to hope better for their life. He has also described that good can be done in the stage of career. Nelson Mandela was a person of integrity. He did whatever he said to be done. The integrity was important for earning the respect of the outgoing white apartheid regime. He also gained the respect of millions of South Africa. He was optimistic, more and more research was revealing the power and the direct impact upon effective leadership. Mandela has a clear vision for his country where he wants his country to be. Under Mandela’s leadership, MK launched a campaign against the government which has declared a withdrawn from public and British commonwealth. Mandela traveled illegally to attend the conference to find out about the campaign that has been taken under by them. Mandela with his seven other defendants tried to escape the gallows but they were put for imprisonment during the Rivonia Trial. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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