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For instance, a fire department will be forced to save one of two houses that are close to each other. The company will have to choose on which one to save and live the other. This decision creates a dilemma as it is not easy to…
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Assignment 12
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The political philosophers J. Rousseau, T. Hobbes, and J. Locke seem There many dilemma situations one may come across. For instance, a fire department will be forced to save one of two houses that are close to each other. The company will have to choose on which one to save and live the other. This decision creates a dilemma as it is not easy to come up with it.
According to philosopher T. Hobbes, he said that one has to look out for the number one factor and never look at other ones or make other agreements with others. In this state, the fast family will be the one to be saved before complains are brought out. Philosopher J. Locke differs with Hobbes, as he thinks that all people are equal before God. In his opinion, he would saddest that both houses should be dealt with. Philosopher J. Rousseau also agrees with Locke as he differs with T. Hobbes and sys that all people have same rights according to the constitution and thus, both houses should be dealt with. The three philosophers had different ideas on how the society was i.e. Opinions on issues of power, the government, the courts, slavery issues, the military issues, and the legislature (Lipset, 142).
According to this, the point of all this issues is to determine the dilemma point to all of them. All of them come with a dilemma as one has a difficulty on choosing which side she/he is. The philosopher who will be preferred by both president Obama and the former president Bush will be J. Rousseau since they all have something in common (Lipset, 93).
Work cited.
Lipset, Seymour Martin. Political philosophy: theories, thinkers, concepts. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2001. Print. Read More
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