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Analysis: Uncle Tom's Cabin - Book Report/Review Example

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The plot of the novel starts with Eliza escaping with her son and Tom is sold. Tom is a slave of Arthur Shelby together with Eliza due to the loss of his farm…
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Book Analysis: Uncle Toms Cabin
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Extract of sample "Analysis: Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Running head: book analysis: uncle toms cabin 3rd May Uncle Tom’s Cabin The novel talks about reality of slavery for the long time black individuals suffered when enslavement was allowed. The plot of the novel starts with Eliza escaping with her son and Tom is sold. Tom is a slave of Arthur Shelby together with Eliza due to the loss of his farm since Shelby had a lot of debts. Uncle Tom who is married and Eliza son had to be sold so that they could settle the debts. Tom is sold to Augustine St. Clare in New Orleans while Eliza escapes with her son Harry. Tom is a devoted Christian and thus Eva who is also a Christian relate well because of Christian values both they share. When Eliza escapes with her son, the family is hunted though during this period Eliza meets with her husband George, who had run away but they are traced by slave hunter Tom Locker. George start kind of fight where Locker is pushed down on a cliff making it worse, since Locker seems like he can die they eventually decide to look for medical treatment. In New Orleans, Eva dies but before she dies she experiences a vision with her family the vision makes it possible for Tom to be free. Uncle Tom is sold by Reneges after the death of her husband where Tom is sold to Simon Legree who is the owner of plantation (Harriet, 1852). Tom starts to suffer when Tom refuses to whip a fellow slave since Tom was a devoted Christian; Legrees gives an order for Tom to stop reading the bible for other slave but Tom refuses. Tom Locker who got healed changed his mind concerning the slaves while Eliza, George and Harry got their freedom after crossing to Canada. On the other hand, Tom hardship in plantation makes it impossible to continue with life where hopelessness is the only one left in plantation but the vision of Jesus and the one for Eva make Tom to remain faithful until death. After legree slaves escapes, Tom is asked about the whereabouts of the slaves but he refuses to say and this makes Tom to be killed but before Tom is dying he forgives the slave master. Finally, Cassy and Emmline meets with George’s sister where they free to Canada. Later, when the family was together they travel to France and later to Liberia which is a nation for slaves.
The novel main theme is the evil and immorality of slavery where the families are separated and others are killed because of slavery. Christianity is another theme where faith after struggle will make one to be victorious after pain and misery. This is depicted when George and his family get freedom after being separated for many years. Another theme for Uncle Tom’s cabin is moral power and sanctity of women where a woman plays a great role to save those who are around them. The novel and the characters depict slavery as injustice of human being together with Christianity where the feeling of slavery is incompatible with slavery. The idea to turn to God during difficult moment is seen where Eva and Tom make it a reality thus others were freed after looking away to Jesus. The Christian theme play a major role in the novel where the religion and faith is encouraged this makes the slave master Shelby to condole Tom where Shelby states that the thing is to be a Christian.
Harriet, B. (1852). Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Life among the Lowly.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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