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The signing of The Treaty Versailles was meant to ensure a lasting solution for peace.1 However, this did not wholly end the problems since the political and geographical differences continued as it saw the emergence of Second World War II. The allies of the First World War…
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Download file to see previous pages try with biggest responsibility over the war was attributable to the belief by other allies that Germany was responsible for the war.3 Countries that participated in the war were exhausted and their economies destroyed. Almost every family was a casualty of the war. In particular, French land was completely in a mess and Germany was held responsible for the damage. France wanted revenge over Germany and wanted her to be punished and crippled for causing her destruction. This was meant to teach Germany a lesson to deter her from instigating another war.
With tremendous growth in the Europe in the 20th century, there were tension that this kind of growth could lead to emergence of war to maintain the levels of trade and technologies. The increase of social unrest and political struggle characterized the tension. Before the 1870s, Germany was made up of several minute kingdoms instead of one united nation. In the 1860s the kingdom of Prussia instigated a series of conflicts aimed at uniting German kingdoms. In 1870s, the North German Confederation entered into conflict with France and Bismarck. This led to the Franco-Prussian war that forced German rout the French. In early 1871, the country was united and the treaty of Frankfurt ended the war.
Although Germany wanted to unit its kingdoms and become one nation, the events that followed saw the emergence of war that led to destruction of the economies of the allies. Boundaries were a common goal of Germany in the effort to unit its kingdoms. However, the method used led to involvement of other territories such as France, something that led to war and loss of life of territories that were not concerned with the interest of Germany. Therefore, the punishment of Germany could be argued to be justified since she had already caused political differences between countries bordering it. Although the war had a positive impact in that Germany was later united, the means of acquiring the one state was not justified.
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