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The African continental societies, including the Yoruba speaking peoples of West Africa, the Western Sudan kingdom, the land of Znaj kingdom, and the Ethiopian kingdom under Seyon were greatly influenced by geographical features in the medieval period. Geographical landmarks…
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Ancient Africa and Andrea Primary Sources
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Ancient Africa and Andrea Primary Sources The African continental societies, including the Yoruba speaking peoples of West Africa, the Western Sudan kingdom, the land of Znaj kingdom, and the Ethiopian kingdom under Seyon were greatly influenced by geographical features in the medieval period. Geographical landmarks like the rivers played an important role in influencing the African medieval societies. The Oyo kingdom, for example, that asserted strong regional power in the land of the present day Benin and Nigeria, was established along the banks of the river Niger (Andrea & Overfield, 2001). The Kingdoms capital city grew along the banks of the Niger river. This shows the importance of the river and the important role which it played in the growth of the Oyo kingdom.
In the land of the Seyon, the red sea and the historic ivory trade routes influenced the development of the Ethiopian kingdom. In regard to this, Andrea and Overfield (2001) record that the Ethiopian kingdom thrived as a result of its strategic location between the trade route that joined the Mediterranean world and Egypt. The adoption of Christianity in the Ethiopian kingdom during the reign of King Ezana was also a factor to the growth of the kingdom (Andrea & Overfield, 2001). The religion served to unite the people of Ethiopia.
Historical markets and geographical tropical rainforests were also very influential in the development of kingdoms in the medieval Africa. Andrea and Overfield (2001) note that the Berber and Arab Merchants showed keen interest in the land of Ghana-Western Sudan kingdom because of its location between the tropical rainforests and the markets of North Africa. In addition, the cities of the Mediterranean north developed because of the gold mines, as Andrea and Overfield (2001) records. Similarly, the kingdom of the land of Zanj grew as a result of its closeness to the Indian ocean. The Indian ocean offered transport for traders and a conducive environment for the tremendous rise of the kingdom. In sum, the medieval African continental societal changes were greatly influenced by geographical features like the rivers, mountains, seas and the oceans.
Andrea, J. A., & Overfield, H. J. (2001). The human record: To 1700. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Read More
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