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Sledge experienced the war first hand after signing up for boot camp the infantry school. His pre combat deployment to Pavuvu is described in detail1. He explains how he was…
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Book Review - With the Old Breed
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Download file to see previous pages To Sledge, the war was inhuman and the bloodshed was nothing to be proud about. The horrors on the ground just made it hard for a soldier to ever lead a normal life after war. There were too many scary moments even in training. Landmines were live and if one was not keen enough, he would have ended up limbless in the blink of an eye. The training was made to look like a real life scenario and as Sledge explains, it is the esprit du corps that kept them alive: the togetherness that they had all along. They were taught how to move in a team and act as one unit against the Japanese2. The training was rigorous and most of the trainees only became tough killing machines trained to destroy the enemies that stood against them.
The fact that it was fellow human beings that were being termed as enemies did not sit well with Sledge. He was not a proponent of the ongoing war. The fact that he joined the marine training camp does not help with the explanation of his anti-war writings. It is probable that he learnt too late of what he was getting into when it was all in front of his eyes. The bloodbath can be felt by the reader directly from the words of Eugene Sledge. The reader ends up trusting Sledge to walk him/her through the battlefields marred with human remains that were being fed on by worms and scavenging animals.
The whole experience was very traumatizing to Sledge and his whole battalion. He saw things that could induce a total psychological breakdown. He had to watch most of his friends get dropped like flies under the Japanese fire. He describes the bullets hitting the water like a whip as they splashed the water. His figurative speech helps create some form of imagery and helps the reader feel like he/she was running along the beaches of the islands that hosted the Second World War.
He marches on after the firing and in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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