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Emile Guillaumins the Life of a Simple Man - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Emile Guillaumin’s the Life of a Simple Man" focuses on the novel which narrates the story of a poor French sharecropper and depicts the socio-economic as well as political situations of the 19th century France society, highlighting major revolutionary events in 1830 and 1848. …
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Emile Guillaumins the Life of a Simple Man
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Extract of sample "Emile Guillaumins the Life of a Simple Man"

Download file to see previous pages Tiennnon and his father suffer a great deal due to the hardships of peasant life they have to endure at the hands of proprietors of the lands on which they live and work, thus, their survival is at the mercy of these proprietors. Proprietors have the power to dismiss farm families as they wish and with every subsequent removal, Tiennon and his father have to look for new ones; overall, peasant life in the 19th century French society is defined by the seasons and changes in nature since the rural areas are locked out of the political and economic limelight.
Tiennon can indeed be described as a “religious” man, particularly because he is aware of the doctrines and observes the rites of the Catholic Church such as attending Sunday mass, taking catechism and eating sacrament. For instance, in chapter VI Tiennon mentions that:
“I could hardly get back from the catechism before ten o'clock, but I often returned later (Guillaumin 36)…in May 1835, after my second year of catechism, the good old cure allowed me to receive the Sacrament (Guillaumin 37).
Similarly, Tiennon can be regarded as being morally upright despite the isolated incidences of amorous behaviour in his youthful escapades; for instance, the nature of his relationship with Therese indicates a high level of moral standing since it was without any trace of indecent teenage frivolity that is often characteristic of young and innocent lovers. Specifically, despite their numerous escapades and the irresistible temptation to experiment with things in life, in addition to the long hours, the couple spend together on Sundays in the fields, Tiennon maintains a virtues life and upholds nothing but self-control and respect in the presence of his prospective future wife. Tiennon says that they often met in the fields on Sundays when there were no parties, and they used to spend long hours together but he made Therese his mistress in chapter 10, “…our relations never went beyond innocent hugs and numerous kisses (Guillaumin 60).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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