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A professor of political philosophy in Harvard University, Sandel takes the world of marketing, economics, and philosophy by storm with his latest…
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Book review on what money cant buy by Michael Sanders
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Download file to see previous pages In our review, we try and unfathom the magic of humorous philosophical thinking dotted by questions which are both intellectual and philosophical in nature. Through our study, we also try and answer the question if the thought process generated by the author leads to only better markets or succeeds to make a more potent impact.
A country cannot hope to progress without definite commitment to ethics, both political and humane. With his new book, Michael J. Sandel points out these specific questions and leaves us at the edge of the cliff, where we know that the path next only leads to doom. “Why worry that we are moving toward a society in which everything is up for sale? For two reasons: one is about inequality; the other is about corruption.” (Sandel, 2012, p.8) The author starts outright with his study of strict marketing principles found in the world of economics, and slowly brings forth all other avenues of business marketing that the principles have slowly seeped into. We are all aware of airport queue skipping with extra payment made to the airlines. This whole marketing idea stems from an economist’s brainwave according to whom “long lines for goods and services are wasteful and inefficient, a sign that the price system has failed to align supply and demand” (Sandel, 2012, p.21)
Practices like allowing a well-to-do person to come late to a congressional event by paying a homeless person to fill up for his executive seat, till he arrives, or asking parents to pay a fine whenever they are late for the pick-up from day care, are such that raise moral questions. Following a ‘trajectory’ that the Guardian calls ‘paradigmatic’ (Lanchester, 2012), the writer challenges our instinctive acceptance of offerings around us by raising questions like : does the real value of the concept or thought, that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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