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Question: If you believe that the war was avoidable, explain why in the Avoidable forum, supporting your argument with either logical arguments or historical facts. If you believe that the wars wast inevitable, explain why in the Inevitable forum - Assignment Example

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The factors that led to the outcome of world war one were issues that could easily be avoided and handled by diplomats in a diplomatic manner, this therefore brings to my believe that world war was avoidable. The chronology of events that led to outburst of the war weren’t…
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Question: If you believe that the war was avoidable, explain why in the Avoidable forum, supporting your argument with either logical arguments or historical facts. If you believe that the wars wast inevitable, explain why in the Inevitable forum
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"Question: If you believe that the war was avoidable, explain why in the Avoidable forum, supporting your argument with either logical arguments or historical facts. If you believe that the wars wast inevitable, explain why in the Inevitable forum"

Download file to see previous pages Messages of war were sent across the big nations, only if Germany had taken the message lightly and worked on ensuring that peace making deals could have been worked upon, then world war one could have been seized.
Despite of the low population size compared to that of Russia, Germany had a huge and strong army, its army was highly trained and effective at that point of time. Alliances were formed to increase the chances of defending oneself in the war, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Serbia merged to form a strong and formidable alliance; Russia, Britain and France merged to form a defensive alliance in the war. The superiority in terms of alliances and size of army is what determined the chances of winning the war. Therefore, this points out that world war one should have been avoided is power of conversion and superiority hadn’t been the order of the day across the nations.
On the contrary, world war one was inevitable. This can be adduced to the following paradigm of events; there was a set of differences among the rulers of Germany and Russia in backing Austria and Serbia respectively. Nicholas 2 had a cordial relationship with Kaiser from Germany, but the simple murder incidence of Ferdinand led to absolute differences between the two leaders. Therefore, this led to the rampant formation of alliances among the two kingpins, which resulted to the eventualities of World War 1.
Due to the superiority nature of the German defense system, Russia saw into it that there was a need to link up with Britain in order to strengthen their security systems in preparation for attack against Germany, this spark differences among the two super nations, hence led to the outburst of World War 1. Therefore this situation could not be contained thus eruption of the war.
Nations have always had differences among themselves thus in case of a simple incidence which can be contained then then worst always ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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