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A Deadly Duel in the Name of Preserving Burr and Hamilton Honour - Research Paper Example

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This paper will revolve around the thesis that bitter political, military and personal rivalry between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were the reasons that necessitated the duel that resulted into the death of one and the political demise of the other…
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A Deadly Duel in the Name of Preserving Burr and Hamilton Honour
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Extract of sample "A Deadly Duel in the Name of Preserving Burr and Hamilton Honour"

Download file to see previous pages The author intended this document for historians and the entire public since the duel was shrouded in mystery. Even to date, historians are never too sure as to why the two men duelled. Therefore, through this document, the author attempts to solve the mystery for historians and other concerned parties. The document makes it clear that the duel was long overdue. This is because Burr and Hamilton had a long-standing political, military and personal rivalry. The only way to solve the rivalry was to eliminate either of them.
The author of the document seems to be striving for credibility and authenticity in presenting his ideas. He says: “Matthews L. Davis, Burr’s close friend, gives an eye-witness account of the encounter, in which Hamilton was mortally wounded.” (p143). The author, therefore, wished to draw confidence from the readers so as to help them solve the Burr-Hamilton puzzle once and for all. The author does so, considering the shock waves that the duel sent across America’s political and social landscape. Moreover, it is possible that having been a close ally to Burr, Davis may have wanted to set the record straight to avoid suspicion for foul play in the debacle. He may, therefore, be out to clear his conscience.
The second primary source, Duel as Politics by Freeman corroborates the evidence in the first document. It states: “ ‘General Hamilton was shot by Colonel Burr in a duel this morning. The General is said to be mortally wounded.’” (Freeman 47). This quotation appeared in a bulletin in 1804, reporting the death of Hamilton in the fatal duel. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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