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This architectural miracle as it was seen at the time resulted from western influence that the Japanese were keen on embracing to the detriment…
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Assignment 11
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Download file to see previous pages This formal way of conducting business was adopted from the west as the Japanese were culturally a social group (Yukichi).
Other people are seen to be walking into the restaurant, all dressed in similar fashion, long robes all trying to appear as though formal. There are people on the street all possessing the same artier and the same inferences can be drawn from the same. There are people who seem to be raising the flag. This shows that the Japanese are acquiring order and structure in their activities as raising the flag symbolizes the presence of a hierarchy which is adhered to. This too was gotten from the westerners who believed in order and conducting their affairs in a proper manner (Yukichi).
This is in response to Fukuzawa Yukuchi’s urging to the Japanese people that they should pursue civilization and enlightenment i.e. western civilization. Together with other scholars, they advocated for the Japanese to mirror the westernized way of tasting, eating meat, wearing of western-style clothing and the dropping of Chinese customs that the westerners found odd. There are other people who seem to be soaring in the air. We garner an aspect of entertainment. The Japanese have finally let their guard down thanks to westernization because the Japanese are principally a reserved people (Yukichi).
According to Lim Zexu, Queen Victoria should halt the opium trade because she has witnessed firsthand how the drug destroys its users and particularly in her own country. The letter to her says that Opium in her own country is prohibited because of the danger it poses to its users. Lim states that based on this reason alone, the Queen should not condone the trade in Opium, and should prescribe severe punishment to anyone who is found engaging in the said trade (Zexu).
The Queen on stopping Opium trade will have the support of Heaven as it crown’s her with felicity, getting the blessing of long life and the security and stability of her descendants. Lim is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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