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An Interview with George Washington - Research Paper Example

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My mother is my father’s second wife and I am their first born. I had nine siblings but unfortunately the Lord saw it fit to take three of them before their time on this earth had fully…
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An Interview with George Washington
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Download file to see previous pages Instead, I celebrate the time that they had in this world and the difference they made in the lives of those they touched. I was also blessed to have family and friends to get me through those hard times. My brother Lawrence became like a parent to me after the demise of our father and his father-in-law William Fairfax also played a large role in molding me into the man you see standing before you. As you can see, the almighty may have taken my father to be with him but he provided me with two capable replacements in return and thus I was never lacking.
Washington: (Laughing) Ah yes, not many predicted this path for me when I was young lad. My father, God rest his soul, was a slave owner and a farmer of tobacco. I can say he had enterprising spirit within him and he liked to try new things for he later also tried his luck in the iron mining business.
Washington: Well after my father’s demise, I unfortunately could not follow in the steps of my older brothers and cross the seas for an education from Appleby School in England. Thus alternative choices had to be sought elsewhere nearer home. Funnily enough, I was to join the Royal Navy on my 15th birthday but our poor mother could not bear to see her son taken through such rigorous experiences! Little did she know that my path would still cross with the military’s later on.
Washington: Alas no, my dear brother Lawrence assisted me in getting a job as an official surveyor for Culpeper County and my involvement with the military only occurred after he had breathed his last on this earth. (Pauses) Lawrence was a good man. He held a position in the militia as Adjutant General and his true value was revealed when they divvied this position into four parts after his death. Few people can say that they did the work of four men but my brother is one of them. I was appointed to occupy one of these four positions and thus my stint in the military began as a district adjutant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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