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Explain the role of government in economic matters for each subculture. Should the government be regulator or supporter Why - Research Paper Example

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Whereas our current political system seeks to divide everyone based upon whether they are a Democrat or a Republican, the fact of the mater is that these two camps do not go very far in defining the ways in which the citizen approaches governance and ultimately identifies with…
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Explain the role of government in economic matters for each subculture. Should the government be regulator or supporter Why
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"Explain the role of government in economic matters for each subculture. Should the government be regulator or supporter Why"

Download file to see previous pages The first of these which will be discussed is that of the individualistic approach. This can be defined as an approach to governance that places a high level of emphasis upon the predicate that the government should be restricted to allowing a high degree of private initiative. Although not strictly speaking a libertarian interpretation of the government’s responsibility to the system and vice versa, it is perhaps one of the more libertarian viewpoints of government’s role within society. Ultimately, within this context, government is seen to have a strictly utilitarian purpose ot maximize efficiency without allowing any firm of waste or bureaucracy to drain the productive energies that would otherwise result.
Conversely, a traditionalistic political culture best describes a type of political culture that prizes family ties more than the other two which will be enumerated upon. Whereas the individualistic approach tries to minimize the role that government may play within society and or the community, the traditionalistic approach seeks to place a positive role that government can and should integrate with in regards to the community. Whereas other approaches place a great degree of emphasis on a particular determinant, the traditionalistic approach is no different in this respect as it places the highest degree of emphasis on seeking to engage the government in the task of maintaining the social order that is already in existence. In this way, this type of view is inherently conservative as it attempts to maintain the status quo via the utilization of governmental power.
Similarly, the last form of political culture that will herein be enumerated upon is that of the moralistic political culture. As the name implies, this particular approach places a very high degree of importance on seeking to utilize the government as a “positive force” within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Explain the Role of Government in Economic Matters for Each Research Paper.
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