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This NGO is based in Bowen Island, Canada. The Africa Village Project came into being in 2007. The ideology of AVPA revolves around the concept of “One World, One Commnity.”
The basic…
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S4 W8 Second WA
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The Africa Village Project Association (AVPA Origin: The Africa Village Project Association (AVPA) is a small scaled non-profit association. This NGO is based in Bowen Island, Canada. The Africa Village Project came into being in 2007. The ideology of AVPA revolves around the concept of “One World, One Commnity.”
The basic goal behind the establishment of AVPA is to form strong affiliation with African villages to make them self-reliance and to attain better living standards. The main goal of AVPA is to empower and educate the people in Africa to make their both ends meet.
AVPA functions in a different way. They do not believe on aiding people solely but they also seek ways to empower and educate people to become self-sufficient. They work on two approaches which they believe will help the developing world.
These two approaches are:
1- Jeffery Sachs established the foundation of The Millennium Village model. The basic aim behind the establishment of such village is to being improvement and empowerment in the community (Sachs, 2005). This improvement revolves around crop production, education, creating health awareness, better infrastructure and many more.
2- They are committed to facilitate people on the concept of microcredit introduced by Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh (Yunus, 2003). Through this concept, AVPA lends small loans to skilled women in village. This approach helps them to become successful entrepreneurs and improve their living standards.
Other Efforts by AVPA:
Other efforts by AVPA include:
Provided electrical powerful to the villagers and primary school
Helped children to get better education and facilitated them in getting the school supplies.
Established agricultural nurseries
Improved the water distribution channels
Provided better healthcare facilities to the villagers of Okaseni. Established an improved small healthcare centre
Helped villagers to bough milking goats
Provided the villagers with the supplies needed to develop and polish their skills
Provided computer and a photocopier machine for Okaseni’ village office and the primary school.
Why APVA is Different from Other NGOs:
APVA is different from other NGOs because they are committed to improve the living standards of the people in African villages. They do not believe on aiding the people but they also believe on making the most through their skills. Their microcredit program has helped them to attain their goals in alleviating poverty, hunger, improved healthcare facilities, and education and in other spheres of life.
List of References:
AVPA (2007). About the Project. The Africa Village Project [Available Online] accessed on 26th Oct 2012
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