What main aspects and impacts of the Thirty-Years-War are reflected in Grimmelshausen's Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus - Assignment Example

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Being a child he was drawn into the Thirty-Years-War (1618–1648) lead by Croatian and Hessian troops. His war experience comprises years of being a wagoner, service as…
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What main aspects and impacts of the Thirty-Years-War are reflected in Grimmelshausens Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus
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"What main aspects and impacts of the Thirty-Years-War are reflected in Grimmelshausen's Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus"

Download file to see previous pages novel written in satirical style Grimmelshausen depicted decline and collapse of his country’s population and peasants suffering from the cruel war. He wanted to show the peasants’ protest against injustice, lack of food, taxation, social and religious intolerance, and violence. The fact that Simplicissimus is full of progressive political argumentation shows that Grimmelshausen very well informed about politics and details of the war. As a person who participated in the war he described the events and draw small details very precisely. The novel is worth-reading and historically valuable.
In spite of the fact that the author chooses no concrete heroes as protagonists, Simplicissimus, who is considered to be the main character of the book, tells the story of an innocent child who got experience in The Thirty-Years-War. In general he tells the life stories of people who participate in the war and should fight in order to survive, but in the end they are either physically injured or mentally traumatized.
The book was written under the horrific impressions of the Thirty-Years-War and as it contains a lot of facts from the author’s life, it is considered to be an autobiographic novel. Simplicius tries to correct mishaps of the world and in the funny way tells the truth about all evils. After lots of misfortunes he decides to settle on an uninhabited island. He undergoes different stages of life (military service, triumph, wealth, disease, travels etc.), but finally, the character withdraws from the world. Like the author Simplicius was separated from his family and had to do a military service. The place of birth (Hanau), the siege of Magdeburg, the exploits in Westphalia correspond to the facts from Grimmelshausen’s life. All the events, which are documentary ones, have appropriate chronological order, because imaginary events are well documented.
Thus, “Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus” is a great document in German literature, which presents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Main Aspects and Impacts of the Thirty-Years-War Are Reflected in Assignment)
“What Main Aspects and Impacts of the Thirty-Years-War Are Reflected in Assignment”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1605023-what-main-aspects-and-impacts-of-the-thirty-years-war-are-reflected-in-grimmelshausens-adventures-of-simplicius-simplicissimus.
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