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People have been warned that this planet’s resources are not limitless and, as hard as it is for people to believe neither is the stability of the planet itself. Humanities domination…
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Environment policy
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Discussion Board Post Global warming and climate changes and the results of it have been discussed for some time. People have been warned that this planet’s resources are not limitless and, as hard as it is for people to believe neither is the stability of the planet itself. Humanities domination of the planet, the means by which we force our environments to meet our needs and desires, does have consequences. One of those consequences is the climate changes occurring around us. Although not all can be blamed solely on humanity, certain changes may simply be the natural changes that occur naturally. Initiatives to better preserve this planet, adopting a “greener” perspective, and taking steps to research and beneficially slow the damage we contribute to the planet is a good thing.
There are several things that tend to stand in the way of solid government policies and interventions on this issue. Firstly, many people do not take the concern seriously. They often disregard the topic’s discussions to the ramblings of paranoid conservationists and “tree huggers.” Others disregard the concerns, founded or not, because the potential, consequential, repercussions of environmental issues will, likely, not culminate into anything serious enough to affect day to day living for generations to come; which, overall, could be considered rather selfish and definitely short-sighted. Politically, it is harder to get full support on initiatives because different states have a differing level of economic loss and gain when it comes to environmental policies. Both, Democrats and Republicans, representing states that have heavier fossil fuel productions dispute any legislature and are far less likely to support environmental interventions.("New York Times") Several states have taken upon themselves to implement their own policies and initiatives to encourage a more environmentally conscious and beneficial approaches.
Environmental issues are very real, they do matter, and they are worthy of taking seriously in order to preserve this planet that we all live on. In the end, however, it is not an issue simply of states, or individual countries, it is a global issue. But America’s policies, often, set an example for others around the world, perhaps greater action on our part would result in greater responses worldwide.
"Climate and Energy Legislation." New York Times 10 Dec. 2010, n. pag. Web. 23 Jul. 2012.
Discussion Board Response
I respect your opinion and I have to say that I agree with you that not everything that leads to planetary damage can be laid solely on the actions of humankind. However, human beings readapt their environments to suit their needs. They do not always work within nature they, often, force it to bend to their will. That does have consequences and some of those are consequences are reflected in the pollution, loss of resources, and, yes, climate changes and global warming. Although, I do think that legislation concerning “green” initiatives will find it difficult to gain support because, as you stated, people don’t really want to think about it. However, I have to say that I disagree with you are certain points. I do not think that it is a dead issue, nor do I think that taking the time to find policies that are agreeable and beneficial is a waste of time. Pretending that something does not exist does not mean that it does not exist. Because there is skepticism or because “green” initiatives may be inconvenient sounds a lot like, “ignore it and it will go away.” There is a level of short-sightedness involved on this issue. However, 100 years, maybe 200 years, into the future, when those who may have to face the tangible consequences of our inactions will be standing in judgment of us all. They may ask, if we knew that there were steps we could have taken to make changes and prevent this unpleasant future, why then didn’t we make the effort? That is hardly the legacy, I think, that we would like to leave behind. Read More
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