History vs. Hollywood Cleopatra VII - Term Paper Example

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It has made a strong image for churning out historical dramas every year; however, those movies are meant for pure entertainment and are definitely not…
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History vs. Hollywood Cleopatra VII
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, Hollywood’s version of history is a combination of both fact and fiction. The substance of this prose will focus on Cleopatra, one of the most celebrated personalities both in the ‘real world’ and the silver screen. The latter was portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 adaptation titled “Cleopatra”.
The movie closely follows the actual events but as is expected, there are some aspects that are spiced up, exaggerated or simply omitted due to the lack of appeal. Contrary to eminent historians, Cleopatra’s flawless beauty is the prime theme of the movie that is actually why men were drawn towards her. However, in reality Cleopatra’s beauty was neither jaw-dropping nor capable of driving men insane. In truth, Cleopatra wasn’t the beautiful lass that Elizabeth Taylor depicted her to be; in fact, she was a physically unattractive woman, who used her wit and wisdom as her primary tools of seduction (Grout 2012). The characterization of Caesar was also erroneous as he had never wished to be made emperor or dictator; it had been one of the fears held by the senate that eventually lead to his assassination. Furthermore, the movie also depicted how Caesar and Cleopatra’s affair had become increasingly public and the fact that Cleopatra bore him a son named Caesarion. In the movie, it is shown that Caesar publicly accepts his illegitimate son, Caesarion. Whereas in reality, Caesarion was never acknowledged by Caesar and much to Cleopatra’s ire, Octavian; Caesar’s nephew was proclaimed his heir.
Caesar and Cleopatra had never married each other unlike the movie depiction. Historians have stated that Cleopatra’s and Caesar’s relationship was more of a political alliance than a romantic one that suited both individuals; their relationship is greatly dramatized in the movie. Nevertheless, the movie plot still followed the actual events closely and it did incorporate some very interesting details of history. The method through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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