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The Ten Flatteners - Book Report/Review Example

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The book examines globalization in the earlier periods of the 21st century. It was initially published in 2005 and later on…
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The Ten Flatteners
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"The Ten Flatteners"

Download file to see previous pages Friedman started off with the book after he was inspired by a meeting he had with Nandan Nilekani, CEO of Infosys, in India. They discussed the immense investments that have been made in technology which have provided a platform where workers, skills, and capital can be delivered anywhere from any part of the world. According to his views, the “flattening” is as a result of merging personal computers with fiber optic cables with the rise in the availability and ease to access workflow software.
He has recognized this phase as Globalization 3.0. Globalization 1.0 was the time when countries and their governments were the agents for global integration and during the period of Globalization 2.0 multinational companies took the responsibility for global assimilation. In the book Friedman has recognized ‘Ten Flatteners’ which he believes have leveled the universal playing field.
This event in history represented the ending of the Cold War which permitted people belonging to the opposite side of the wall to take part in the economic activities. It discusses about the fall of the Berlin Wall which is related to the fall of communism and the effect that personal computers had on the aptitude of people to produce and come up with their own content and stay in touch with one another. At the point in time, the initial things that came up and formed the basis for the revolution in the coming times were Windows, personal computers, dial-up modems, processors, and an international phone network.
With the introduction of Netscape and the web, the Internet was accessible to a broader range of audience. Initially it was used mostly by the geeks and those who had to rely on it for their work; however, with this the net was available to people from 5 year old children to 90 year olds. With digitization, files, music, pictures, and films could be used by people all around the world.
It tells about the capability of the machine to interact and talk ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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