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What Thucydides Says about the Peloponnesian War - Assignment Example

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The author examines the accounts stated by the Athenian author Thucydides, the Peloponnesian War fundamentally resulted from the un-unified city-states of the Hellenic country. These highly unorganized societies were once united by an earlier conflict against a common enemy the Persians.  …
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What Thucydides Says about the Peloponnesian War
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Extract of sample "What Thucydides Says about the Peloponnesian War"

Back then there were two coalitions that equally hold significant forces to be reckoned with, the Athenians with their naval supremacy, and the Peloponnesian who are highly adept in fighting using ground forces with Sparta at its helm. City-states and colonies with disputes align themselves to either league to gain an advantage over impending hostilities and win agreeable settlements (Blanco).
In my opinion, this war is ideally represented by the bargaining model of war presented by Retailer which states that “war as a continuation of the bargaining process, rather than a breakdown. Fighting breaks out when two sides cannot reach a bargain that both prefer to war and each side fights to improve its chances of getting a desirable settlement” (27). This model is further supported by the rational causes of war presented by Fearon. Two out of three reasons he presented satisfies the emergence of the Peloponnesian war, namely: “War due to private information and incentives to misrepresent” (390) and that “War as a consequence of commitment problems” (401).    Read More
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What Thucydides Says about the Peloponnesian War Assignment.
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