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Slavery was rarely the subject of specific legislation in the civil war, but it was always a divisive issue looming over the economic and the social process in the world. The slavery disrupted family and the tribal relations in the most of the countries, the adoption of the…
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How was Slavery impacted (Mod 4 Disc1)
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The Impact of Slavery during the Years That Preceded the Civil War Task Slavery was rarely the of specific legislation in the civil war, but it was always a divisive issue looming over the economic and the social process in the world. The slavery disrupted family and the tribal relations in the most of the countries, the adoption of the white system of the black slavery altered the culture and the character of many countries. The slave trade between the sugar islands and the mainland provided a major resource for understanding that trade had slavery impact on the mainland agriculture during the early years (McPherson & Hogue, 2010). The major impact of the slavery during the civil war was the skills acquired in the Africa to the work done in the Americas, which increased the industry productions. Slavery was the major contradiction to the national purpose and the critical source of the irrigation in the American conscience; it defined the American freedom and called for the commitment for natural human rights. Before slavery, communities felt secured because they were protected by the strongest men in the community but during the slavery period the community was insecure and the lifestyle of the communities changed gradually. The slavery caused ineffectiveness in the public schools system, divisions in the families since the each community did not come from the slavery problem with same measures.
The impact of the slavery during the Civil War
The south state of the America depended entirety on the cotton plantations; they used the slave labor on the plantations to work and earn more income (McPherson & Hogue, 2010). During the Civil War, they feared that losing the slave would have severe economic impact on the cotton plantations. Slavery was the major incongruity to the national purpose and the critical source of the irrigation in the American conscience; it defined the American freedom and called for the commitment for natural human rights. During that period the African slaves trade become illegal and these pushed the North state to abolish the slavery that denied the slaves human right and the dignity. The pension earning of the slaves was not implemented because the important documents were destroyed during the war period; hence, they were not compensated. In conclusion, the war resulted to some slaves settling in these countries because they could not trace the record about their birthplace; the war affected economy and political activities severely.
McPherson, J. & Hogue, J. (2010). Ordeal by Fire: The Civil War and Reconstruction. New
York: McGraw-Hill. Read More
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