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The Most Famous Hacker of All Time - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "The Most Famous Hacker of All Time" describes Adrian that changed sides from a “Good Guy” to a Black Hat Hacker. I believe that Adrian changed because he saw the many evils in the society that went unreported or uncovered…
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The Most Famous Hacker of All Time
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Extract of sample "The Most Famous Hacker of All Time"

What Do You Believe Motivated Adrian To Commit His Crimes?
I believe that he was motivated by the need to know more about the leading companies in the world and the secrets of the highly ranked people. This is because he targeted companies such as Microsoft and prominent people like the jimmy carter (IT Security Editors). He wanted to know the things these entities do in secret, hence he went ahead to hack into their systems to fulfill his desire of knowing everything that goes on behind the public eye.
Does Adrian Fit The Hacker Stereotype?
He fits into the hacker stereotype because since childhood when he hacked into systems, he was not interested in pleasing his friends, but he hacked for fun and endeavored to advance his knowledge (IT Security Editors). A hacker stereotype is a smart person who is not concerned with social gains they gain from the actions, but long to know everything that makes them smart on the computer.
Do You Feel Adrian’s Punishment Fit His Crime?
His punishment fits his crime since he was not judged harshly and he was put under house arrest rather than going to prison. He confessed to his mistakes and was willing to abandon the bad hacking habits. However, I feel that the damages he had to pay were high since he had no bad intentions. Read More
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(The Most Famous Hacker of All Time Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 364 Words)
The Most Famous Hacker of All Time Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 364 Words.
“The Most Famous Hacker of All Time Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 364 Words”, n.d.
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