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The 2011 state budget for North Carolina has many public challenges even though it favors educe spending in Natural Resources and Environment Departments. To start with, the house plan increases many fees (Anonymous). For example, high school students are supposed to pay up to…
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Major Public Challenges from the Proposed Budget The budget for North Carolina has many public challenges even though it favors educe spending in Natural Resources and Environment Departments. To start with, the house plan increases many fees (Anonymous). For example, high school students are supposed to pay up to $75 for classes of educating the drivers, something that was previously done free. On the other hand, community college classes, inspection fees and state license will also cost more. Criminal defendants will also have to pay $ 70 more as court fees as well as $10 for every night they spend, which was $5 per night. Moreover, commuters travelling on busy ferries of coastal river will have to buy passes costing up to $100 each month or pay toll, something that has been free.
Additionally, drivers who have speeding tickets as well as other defendants will now pay $52 more to Superior Court and $24 more for District Court Costs. Finally, the house plan has also increased file motion fees to $20 for civic suit parties, while they will also be required to pay between $150 and $200 for counter-claim files. Anonymous, observes that the public would also have to face lose of unemployment benefits following the 13% cut in unemployment benefits proposed on April 16. Education will also be more expensive and this could be deteriorated by insufficient teachers because no funds were allocated to hire the required 1,100 teachers.
Minimizing the Challenges using Proper Coordination
The proposed budget mainly compromises the education sector (Anonymous). However, this is a key sector that the government has to fund. Through proper coordination, state education board should be made responsible for policy setting on the handling of impending school layoffs. There should be a balance between each sector and the public, so as to reduce the challenges. Budget watchdogs should also be employed to examine the efficiency of state programs. Funding of the various sectors should be balanced in relation to their needs and urgency. For example, it is not fair for public education to receive the least tax cuts and have almost everything else losing, while a sector like IT receives so many benefits at the cost of other public benefits like unemployment benefits.
Anonymous. North Carolina State Budget. Retrieved on 25th August 2011 from
http://www.North_Carolina_state_budget.htm. .
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