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All of the current political and social signs that have been manifesting themselves lately point to only one, horrifying direction. Our country…
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Creative paper Consider yourself to be a political candidate for national office
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Ladies and Gentlemen of this great Republican Party, I come before you today with troubled thoughts regarding the future of our nation. All of the current political and social signs that have been manifesting themselves lately point to only one, horrifying direction. Our country is headed for a social meltdown and right now, the person in the White House is doing nothing to stop it. Instead, he is helping the death of our once great nation along by totally contradicting all the promises he made in order to get elected to the highest and most powerful office in this land. He has lost sight of what is best for the people and instead, allows his own political ambitions, and party affiliations to dictate the moves that he shall make.
We were once known as the Last Remaining Super Power in the world. We were the international police. Our presence in turmoil filled countries brought peace and stability. Our political, social, and economic system was once the envy of other nations. We were the allies of those oppressed and the enemies of those who wished to dominate the world. We have lost that standing now. These days, thanks to the cowardly leadership in Washington, North Korea thinks they can aim bombs at our allies, build nuclear weapons, and threaten the peace in South Korea. China has been flexing its muscles in the international community and bullies countries that dare to question their occupation of the Spratly Islands. Rogue nations now think that because America has lost its way, there is no need to fear the countrys position as an international leader anymore. After all, our president has decided that we are spending too much on military improvements and wars abroad. Totally missing the point that without our well equipped military forces, and fighting wars abroad, we would be fighting the terrorist battle right here on our very soil. Causing more sociopolitical and economic problems for the citizens of this country.
It isnt surprising that he cant handle diplomatic relations with other nations. That is why he hired Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State. Barack Obama doesnt have any international relation skills at all. He was just a newbie senator when he decided to run for president. On his first international trip to Germany as president the first thing he did was apologize for the actions of America during the war. And he has done that every country that he has visited since. He has turned America in a “lame duck” country. Further proving that he was in no way, shape, or form ready for the job he got hired to do. That is why he hasnt succeeded in effecting any of the “changes” that he promised those that voted for him.
He promised not to raise taxes, and yet that is all he has done ever since he stepped into office. He promised to fix our healthcare system. But all Obama-care did was make it harder for the common folk to get medical care. He and his advisers have bungled everything that they touched from the minute they hit the White House and it is time for them to be stopped. They need to be stopped before they succeed in making our nation implode.
That is why I decided to throw my hat into the ring and fight for America in 2012. As president, I will fight to regain our position as the foremost international leader in this world, fight to protect the nations that need protecting in order to insure our safety here are home, and most of all, fight the hard but good fight here are home. I will work towards controlling our international debt payments, reign in government spending without sacrificing the necessary programs, and return the health care system to the people by limiting the power of insurance companies and HMOs over the people. We will return control of healthcare to the person who knows how to control it best, the people themselves.
These are not the words of a political candidate whose only aim is to get elected. These are well thought out and already planned and mapped out programs that already have a blueprint, they just need to be green lighted. I am hoping that over the campaign season, as I present all my plans and programs to the people, that you will all see that these are doable programs and that together, we can save our nation from the societal demise that the naysayers are constantly predicting. Working together, we can once again make this nation great and create a new template of success that other nations will envy and copy in the future.
My name is _________________________ and I am running for President of the United States of America. Read More
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