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American History: The Origin of Automobiles in America - Assignment Example

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The objective of the assignment "American History: The Origin of Automobiles in America" is to present a brief summary of the development of the automobile industry in the US. Moreover, the writer will discuss how the emergence of cars has changed ordinary social life…
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American History: The Origin of Automobiles in America
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Extract of sample "American History: The Origin of Automobiles in America"

The social life of people changed as well since people could utilize their automobiles to go out to events such as the theatre, sporting events, and new fads such as movie drive-ins. The mobility the car gave Americans provided independence and a greater sense of freedom. Cars had been invented many decades earlier, but its high cost limited access to the majority of Americans. The Ford Company in the 1920’s changed the industry forever. The company’s superior mass production techniques allowed Ford to lower the cost of producing an automobile dramatically. The Ford Model T was the car model that became mainstream in the 1920s when the price of the auto was reduced to $310, nearly $500 cheaper than a decade earlier (Kenney, 2001). The company had the best selling product in America which was a critical success factor that gave Ford a competitive advantage. The Ford Company valued the effort of its workers. The company created thousands of good-paying jobs which helped the American economy. By the end of the 1920s Ford had manufactured and distributed 15 million Ford T vehicles across America (Virginia). The proliferation of the automobile accelerated the speed of growth of the American economy due to the fact that the ability to commute freely increased commercial activity and the number of work opportunities for adults.  Read More
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American History: The Origin of Automobiles in America Assignment.
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