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Your name History and Political Science December 2013 I. Factors that aided transformation in Africa before AD. 1880 The four polites in the African history are Asante, Benin Kingdom, Luba and Kada,and the Yoruba and States of Ife and Oyo…
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Rewrite sentences
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"Rewrite sentences"

Download file to see previous pages Yoruba lies in the Southwestern Nigeria and Benin of Africa. It is said to be populated with one million people. It Ancestry was a myth. State formation began with trading first among themselves then later, with neighboring areas. They are credited for carving mountains into farms which they planted with yams, coco yams and bananas. Copper is an important commodity for the Yurobians, but its beginnings were doubted from where they came from. They traded these crops and copper with horses and salt. Later on Yorubians used these horses to form a cavalry to expand its territories. As they expanded trade with Europeans, slavery began because the rulers began to export slaves by as many as 20,000 per year during 1630 to 1730. Its political communities were developed as villages that later on turned into a kingship led by a leader Oduduwa wherein people believed was sent by the Creator to establish lands and kingdoms. Second state is Benin Kingdom. Political reforms as well a trade were the greatest contributions of the first king of Benin. During this period, the Oba Ewuware, the first king introduced the law of succession, the primogeniture, a rule that father should be succeeded by his son whom they called Oba. Oba Ewuware formed a government with checks and balances powers, created and appointed chiefs as what we may call cabinet misters today. He created opportunities for advancement of the people through grades and authority. However, even there were appeals for freedom of slaves, but people were not given these opportunities. Trade with Portuguese continued to be a pillar of growth since the Oba has a monopoly of trade of pepper, ivory and copper. This period also reflected the spread of artisan craft of items made from brass, and the abolition of slave trade in 1807. Asante is one of the richest states in the African region because of its gold. They used gold to purchase slaves to do the gold mining for them to expand production. The slaves were also instrumental in introducing agriculture to the land as they cleared dense forests, and planted wide variety of crops brought to Africa by the Europeans. The clearing of forests gave way for the development of communities. As things developed, the earlier peaceful community was ruled by politically ambitious group that wanted to control the gold production. This showed the way to warring factions that created wars and havocs to the people. d. Luba and Kuba Infrastructure developments through cooperative efforts of the people of the village gave way to the productive lifestyle of the people. Its marshy environment led the people to build dikes, drainage channels and dams to store water for dry season-fishing. Historians believed that the large scale public cooperation in Luba led the people of the village to a political community. Organized community led people to manage its resources as people lived continuously on the place as fishing village, and workings on iron. By the turn of the 10th century, people had diversified economy with trading their fish, farm products, and metals with salt and iron items, imported glass beads and cowry shells from the distant Indian Ocean. Next to infrastructure, trade largely contributed to its development. Copper was abundant in this side of Africa. In Kuba, growth was funneled by agriculture production of various crops. The introduction of taxes by the governmente brought to the division of labor between men and women, lowering of marrying age of young male to draw them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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