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1. When Chinese immigrants encountered racial oppression and exclusion in the U.S., they equated the mistreatment with their loss of civil rights and freedoms because both the U.S. and Chinese governments failed to protect them from racism and oppression, while the same governments ensured that Chinese Americans did not experience racial equality in the U.S…
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Download file to see previous pages Second, the American government did not exactly stop China from controlling Chinese Americans in the U.S. The U.S. did not protect Chinese Americans in Americans soil because it continued to see the latter as suspicious illegal aliens, even after World War II. Furthermore, the U.S. government did not take positive actions to create equal conditions for Chinese Americans. It practiced racial profiling as a means of cleansing the U.S. of suspected communist Chinese Americans. This statement, “Chinese in the United States were subjected to a highly institutionalized structure of dual domination?” means that Chinese Americans had two lords in the U.S. - the U.S. government and the Chinese government. Both governments subjected Chinese Americans to racial oppression and exclusion, as already explained in the first paragraph. World War II did little to ease racism and oppression against Chinese Americans. Although President Roosevelt compelled the U.S. Congress in 1943 to repeal the Chinese exclusion laws, he did so because it was an essential military strategy. He also replaced it with a less stringent exclusionary law through the immigration quota system. During the Cold War, instead of improving the rights and liberties of Chinese Americans, the U.S. ...
2. The effect on the atomic bombs on Japan and its economy is that, at first, the Japanese got angry at their military leaders, and many accepted that their nation should never launch another war, while the Japanese economy severely suffered initially because of lost jobs and the destruction of cities during the atomic bombing. First, after the atomic bombing, the Japanese remarkably felt more resentment for their military forces than the U.S. government. They did not harbor any racist feelings against the U.S., although some resentment developed during the opportunist actions of the U.S. toward Japan when the Cold War started. Second, the atomic bomb negatively affected the economy of Japan, where the unemployed reached 13 million and demobilized Japanese soldiers became beggars. The Japanese persevered by working closely with the Allied forces in forming a new government structure and new policies that affected its way of life. For instance, a new constitution was ratified in 1946, which guided the Japanese government toward a more democratic era. The Japanese constitution in 1946 laid out the preservation of the emperor as the symbol of unity of the people and renunciation of future wars. By preserving the Emperor, the Japanese were able to hold on their ancient cultural symbols, which helped them persevere during these trying times. The Japanese people received greater democracy in how members of the government were selected and removed too. Furthermore, changes in agrarian and labor laws improved satisfaction among peasants and workers. These changes enabled many farmers to own their own lands, while workers were allowed to form and participate in trade unions. By 1970, Japan became a world power despite the obstacles because of the combination of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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