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Anglo- Saxon culture - Research Paper Example

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Anglo- Saxon Culture Thesis Statement The value system and culture of Anglo Saxon as reflected in Beowulf. Introduction The phrase “Anglo Saxon” refers to the settlers from the German region of Saxony and Angels who entered in Britain after the collapse of the Roman Empire…
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Anglo- Saxon culture
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Extract of sample "Anglo- Saxon culture"

Download file to see previous pages It is one of the first British literature recorded epic poem (Clyne, 1987). It is the symbol of creative Anglo Saxon Art and Literature. Beowulf is an important character within the poem. This poem revealed several values of the Anglo Saxon culture. These specific values include their belief in revenge, loyalty and boasting. Values of the Anglo Saxons Beowulf is considered as one of the most epic poem of the British literature. This poem has effectively portrayed the culture and value system of Anglo Saxon. Three most important values, such as courage, honour and kinship has been thoroughly discussed in this poem. While these are all sovereign societal and cultural values, they worked collaboratively in order to reflect the clear picture of the culture. The Anglo-Saxon period is one of the oldest periods of time that availed a complex culture with stable art, culture, literature and political structure. During that period of time, culture of several societies was unsophisticated. But the Anglo Saxon culture was extremely advanced considering the time period. Anglo-Saxon time is a time that filled with effective advancements and discoveries in society, religion, art, literature, culture and government. The Anglo Saxon period was lasted for almost 600 years. During these 600 years, the Anglo Saxon brought own cultural values, beliefs and religion (Howe, 1993). They had competence in creative art, literature and architecture. The Anglo Saxon art is highly popular and recognized throughout the globe. The illustrated manuscript of Anglo Saxon culture is effectively utilized across the globe. Beowulf was their fast poem. They have effectively incorporated their culture and value system in this poem. It was the essence of warfare culture and values of Anglo Saxon that has been revealed in this poem. The poem also reveals different universal and paramount themes. These include heroic deeds, deadly personification and raw emotions like pride, greed and glory. The individuals within the group were quite loyal towards their leader as they believed that their leader can protect them from an enemy or other terrors in order to gain loyalty. Courtesy, generosity, courage, personal valour, loyalty, faith and fame are the major characteristics of the Anglo Saxon society. They admired the men from various tribal backgrounds for their outstanding courage (Weale, Weiss, Jager & Bradman, 2002). They believed in the significance of loyalty of a leader. They effectively valued the severe personal valour that was necessary for survival. Everybody within the cultural and societal background was aware of shortness of life. Last but not the least; everyone competed for fate and fame which is the only thing that ever lasted. The Anglo Saxon Culture as Reflected in Beowulf The social structure of Anglo Saxon consisted of several tribal units. A chieftain was the king of these units. The leader theoretically earned respect from their warriors. However, each and every culture has its own sets of customs, values and beliefs. Cultural values, beliefs and assumptions are indirectly or directly acquired throughout a lifetime. It is true that the culture is the sum of an entire group’s lay of life and there is no difference with the antique Anglo Saxon culture. The importance of values, heroes or leaders and religion effectively reflected in the Beowulf epic poem. According to their beliefs and values, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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