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David Potter's The Impending Crisis: Chapters 11-20 Only - Book Report/Review Example

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Title: THE IMPENDING CRISIS, 1848 - 1861 BY DAVID POTTER Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date: THE IMPENDING CRISIS BY DAVID POTTER Introduction The impending crisis is a nonfiction book written by renowned American historian David Porter. Though published in 1977, the book was written much earlier and takes a look at America within the years of 1848 to 1861…
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David Potters The Impending Crisis: Chapters 11-20 Only
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"David Potter's The Impending Crisis: Chapters 11-20 Only"

Download file to see previous pages From the title of the book, the writer makes an argument for to the effect that the eventual outbreak of Civil War was something that could have been anticipated and so its outbreak means there were actually things that were to be done that were not done in stopping the war. In this paper, the strengths and failures of the writer in meeting the goals of the book are reviewed, using chapters 11 to 20 of the book. Generally, it would be noted that even though the writer was very accurate with reports on slavery and other legislative history, not much attention or any focus at wall was given to other aspects of the possible causes of the war including economic and cultural factors to the war. Summary of Chapters 11 to 20 These parts of the book may well be referred to as the part two of the book and are used to outline very chaotic moments in events leading up to the war in 1861. Generally, this part of the books was used to giving explanations as to why the sectional conflict existed. Porter labeled three clear causes in the course of the chapters, namely cultural, economic and ideological causes of the sectional conflict in the country. ...
ct because of the fact that the conflicts were rooted deeply in racial (and for that matter cultural differences), he refused to admit that once diversity of culture exists, it automatically produce diversity in interests and values. This notwithstanding, greater parts of these chapters gave accounts of cultural factors, economic factors, and ideological factors as different independent explanations to the sectional conflict with so much reflection on cultural factors. Again, the writer commits time in outlining key effects of slavery on the two sectors identified as the North and South sections of the country. It is explained that politicians in the North were more concerned with the primary interests of the North and so saw slavery as a secondary interest. This notwithstanding, they did not totally antagonize slavery as a secondary interest. For the South, politicians had more or less embraced the impact of stigmatization as abolitionist on votes. Leading up to the closing chapters of this second part, there are abstractions that look closely at the issue of legal status of the issue of slavery that existed in parts of the sectional or divided country. First, there was a legislative interrogation to why there were slaves in one part of the country and no slaves in other parts of the country. In the estimation of Porter, there needed to be a legislative boundary that gave a cross-sectional legal standing on the issue of slavery such as if slavery was seen as wrong in one end of the country, it would be seen as equally inappropriate in portions of the country where it was practiced. Indeed, the refusal of the government to have a unilateral stake on the abolition of slavery, according to Porter, rocked the foundations of the government. This is because the fact that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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