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American printing - Term Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date American Printing Question 1 The era between 1600 and 1800 manifested a unique trend in the American printing industry. The printing industry had a congruent relationship with the pubic during this era. This was due to the dissemination of crucial information about the society (Frasca, 12)…
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American printing
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"American printing"

Download file to see previous pages This was a time that the printing industry underwent intense discrimination by the government. Between 1600 and 1800, the printing industry had an established affiliation with the business community. This is because the newspapers would significantly spearhead business transactions through the reliable and efficient communication. Despite of this trend in business, the religious institutions criticized the printing industry. According to the religious institutions, the printing industry would bring emergence of sects. It would also inculcate intense disobedience to the existent leadership. Therefore, the printing industry had diverse affiliations with the different social institutions. Women had a vital role in the printing industry. They contributed to the politics and business of the printing industry. Mrs Glover was a major spearhead in the business and politics of the printing industry in America (Ingersoll, 147). Upon her arrival in Harvard College, she initiated a printing enterprise that produced pleasant materials to the public. For instance, her enterprise produced “The Freeman’s Oath” in 1639 (Ingersoll, 147). This was a publication that attracted attention from the masses. Her enterprise oversaw the establishment of other investments in printing. Evidently, Mrs Glover takes a paramount ground in the development of American printing industry. The printing industry entailed diverse publications that targeted diverse groups. The publications that targeted the women had substantial market. For instance, the publications on fashion had outstanding markets as the young ladies had zeal for fashion (Leonard, 6). Therefore, the women had a significant contribution to the development of the printing industries through massive purchases. There were a set of controversies that arose against diverse printers. Zengler was an example of the victims of controversies. Majority of the publications evaluated the level of justice within American leadership. In this case, the printers would initiate satirical articles within the publications in the quest for justice. Zengler was one of the major voices in ancient American printing industry. In 1734, he directed satirical attacks towards New York’s Governor (Olson, 223). William Cosby was the Governor during this era. During the court proceedings, Zengler’s lawyer conceded that his client had done the publications. However, he challenged the jury to clear Zengler if the satirical attacks were based on truth (Olson, 223). Ultimately, Zengler was cleared by the court. This indicates that the satirical attacks initiated by Zengler were perfect truth. Evidently, American printers suffered legal controversies upon their artistic revelations of truth in their publications. There was intense difficulty upon setting a printing enterprise. Finances were a main struggle that struck the prospective printers (Frasca, 13). In this case, printers had to accumulate finances to initiate an enterprise. They underwent a lengthy process of accumulating finances for their printing enterprises. Despite of the struggle, the print enterprises had ultimate rewards. They would disseminate printed information to the public at a fee. This would be an income generating activity to them. The printing figure had a significant role in the main events of America. It was a major spearhead in America’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Printing Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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