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A Two-State Solution: Outline Name: Course: Presented to: Date: A Two-State Solution: Outline I. Introduction Since the collapse of Camp David Summit in 2000, the situation towards solution of the longest conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews seems to be far from over (Kelman, 2011)…
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Outline Assignment: A Solution for the Israeli Palestinian Conflict
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"Outline : A Solution for the Israeli Palestinian Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages The proceeding negotiations have been on-off games with nothing substantial to be reported about resolving the conflict. Therefore, the main question to the problem is whether to have a one state or a two state solution as the permanent answer to the conflict. The TSS solution focuses on division of the Palestinian into two states, giving rise to a new Palestine state alongside a Jewish state, while a one state solution is aimed at calling for the reunification of Palestine into a single state, creating a common nationality for both Jews and Palestinians in what could end the current Jewish state (Allegra & Napolitano, 2011). However considering the probability of abolishing a Jewish state to have a one state for both the Jews and Palestinians, the possibility of having a one state solution becomes slim; a two state solution becomes the viable solution to the conflict. II. Concepts/ Theory and Methodology Various terms will be used throughout the paper. Democracy will imply the ability of the people to choose their leaders and hold them responsible decision on their area of jurisdiction. Nation as defined by the oxford dictionary will be used to refer to a body of people with a common descent, united by culture, language, or history, and occupying a citrine state. Human rights will be used according to the definition by the United Nations to imply the rights to life, security, basic needs, association, movement, right to found a state, and right to security. Zionism will be used to refer to a Jewish nationalism, an ideology aimed at concentrating as many Jews in Palestine as possible to establish a pure Jewish state. The research will apply the idealism theory that encourages application of morality and international laws in conflict solution. Realism being derived from idealism emphasizes that the military and war do not have to be always used to solve conflict, while calling for a moral judgment in the Jewish-Palestine conflict (Cook, 813). The methodology in use will be a qualitative research methodology in comparative analysis of case studies reporting on possible solutions to the Israel- Palestine conflict, and a systematic review of all the studies selected for analysis. III. Recognition of Opposing Argument/ evidence Ron (2011) argues that the Palestinian -Israeli conflict is matter of political will. In other words, the Palestinian, American, and the Israeli elites would drop their pride and face the facts, in accepting their domestic opponents, everything else in formation of a one state involving the Jews and the Palestinians would be a matter of time, although a complex process. This follows the dream of having a united Palestine -Israel nation where Jews, Muslims, Christians and others would live in peace. In this argument Ron puts forward the following justifications: i. It would be an impossibility to have a two state solution in the conflict largely due to the concerted West Bank settlements that integrates Jews to the Palestinian territory since the 1960s; separating the two would be a gigantic order due to the fate of Jews in Palestinian land (Ron, 2011). ii. Shibley Telahmi a Middle East affairs expert argued that the Israeli/ Palestine to state approach is a course taken by political elites who want to remain relevant to the people, while a growing number of people continue to have the realization that a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Outline Assignment: A Solution for the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Assignment)
Outline Assignment: A Solution for the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Assignment. https://studentshare.org/history/1474319-outline-assignment-a-solution-for-the-israeli.
“Outline Assignment: A Solution for the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Assignment”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1474319-outline-assignment-a-solution-for-the-israeli.
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