What is Liberal Democracy Historical view of the Liberal Democracy Theory - Research Paper Example

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Liberal democracy is a form of representative democracy whereby the elected representatives hold power, but they are limited by a constitution, which emphasizes on equality, rights of minorities and protection of individual liberty in a democratic state…
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What is Liberal Democracy Historical view of the Liberal Democracy Theory
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Download file to see previous pages 1Liberal democracy is distinguished by fair competitive voting among diverse political groups, a power partition in different administration structures and fair ruling in an open civilization as well as human rights safety in a state. The constitution in a liberal democratic state demands equal rights, guarantee the freedom of speech, religion, equality before the bylaw, due process and other constitutional rights. In most cases, liberal democracy focuses on the America’s political philosophy. It seeks to modify the political, social and economic aspects in order to promote development as well as advance the welfare of citizens in the independent state. Although, a country with liberal democracy can effectively achieve economic development, democratic government always achieves democracy at associated costs. Historical view of the Liberal Democracy Theory The basis of liberal democracy dates back to the Enlightenment era during the earlier 18th century. The facade of equality that contributed to the rise of liberal democratic theory was a result of the capitalism ideologies. This theory was developed in Europe when many of the European states were under monarchies with political authority being held in the hands of aristocracies. The theory was a fundamental device for political equality that maintained economic foundation of a capitalist society and need for transition in the political, social and economic process. The classical theorists from the western region have always considered the political theory of liberalism and believed that democracy would be intrinsically unsteady. This is because of the changing whims and different perception from citizens, and they further thought that democracy was divergent to the human nature. This is because the viewed human being as people with violent, evil; thus they needed strong leaders who could restrain their destructive whims. Additionally, many of the Europeans who held powers believed that God is the one who ordained such powers; thus, the question of the right to rule was comparable to profanity. However, it was until when the Enlightenment intellectuals who believed that human nature could be guided by a reason and required principles to guide them. During this period, several issues arose in the leadership hegemony; thus, the French and American revolutions gave birth to the liberalism ideologies. They also required the government to adopt the doctrines of the Enlightenment thinkers and apply them in the daily practice. It was then when one of the Germany philosophers, Adolf Hitler who was the leaders of Nazi Party, often quoted in the ‘tyranny of the majority’ rose into power and many things changed.2 Therefore, the liberal democracy rose due to democracy waves, which was a result of wars, revolutions, religious issues, great depression that led to economic deterioration and decolonization. All these aspects made many liberals fight for liberal democratic powers. Advantages for a Country with a Democratic Government A country with democratic government is subjected to varied economic, social and political benefits. First, a state with democratic governance can effectively achieve economic development because of good governance. This is because democratic governance is good for economic development since it enables different countries to participate in trading activities and attracts investors to invest within the country. The liberal democratic states have good form of governance whereby individuals have equal rights to exercise their freedom in all aspects such as speech, religion and other concerning areas. Therefore, they can interact freely with others in terms of economic and social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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