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The history of jazz in America before the 1900s - Research Paper Example

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The American people value and respect the development of jazz as a form of music. This is because they consider it as a form of expressing their national and cultural identity. This form of music has its roots in the early slaves from America. …
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The history of jazz in America before the 1900s
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, jazz is in many ways a symbol for the American idea of democracy3. The cortex of jazz comprises of numerous layers, varying from hard and soft, in that it is complex in structure and hard to take apart. However, the history appears displaced and the styles contradictory because one experiences a puzzling series of shifts in place, person and style. Those who mostly dominated in the music include important but actually unrelated figures in New York, Negroes in New Orleans and white musicians in Chicago. Although there is a disastrous split in jazz launched by the swing era and increased during the days of bebop with the alleged progressive jazz, upon looking and listening closely there is appearance of both order and continuity4. Therefore, jazz is a new genre of music with distinct rhythmic and melodic character, one that regularly involves improvisation of a minor type in changing tune’s phrases and accents but of a major sort in creating music ex- temporaneously, instantly. Consequently, there is alteration of melody or underlying chords in the course of creating jazz. In addition, according to a standard scheme the rhythmic valuations of notes may be syncopated or not, lengthened or shortened, or there may be no steady pattern of rhythmic variations provided a steady beat remains understood or clear. The beat which serves as a solid rhythmic base for the improvisation of soloists or groups playing eight or twelve measures, or some multiple or dividend thereof is mainly four quarter-notes to the bar5. The History of Jazz in America Before 1900 In British North America, almost 240,000 about 20 percent of the...
The American people value and respect the development of jazz as a form of music. This is because they consider it as a form of expressing their national and cultural identity. This form of music has its roots in the early slaves from America. The main reason of referring to jazz as improvisional music is that it draws its musical and rhythmic styles strongly upon the ragtime, blues, gospel and other African-American styles. Jazz originated from New Orleans amongst the black population as the bequest of slave trade that mainly found the city the first port of call . The development of jazz in America was rather a slow process but ultimately growing in to the current famous jazz music. It has its roots from the African slaves taken from their homes to America. These slaves had a rich diversity in African Folk songs that they highly appreciated. Unfortunately, when they arrived in America, they were under very strict laws and regulations. Their masters did not allow them to practice any other culture other than that of slaves. They did not allow these Africans to explore their music diversity. As they suffered in the hands of their masters, these slaves turned to music as a form of relief. This music developed for a long time and eventually became the popular jazz music. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the American people considered jazz as an important form of music. This is because it became a way of expression and national identity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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